Little Black Box of Magic: Intuition Edition

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Type of gift: Ritual Kit

In your Intuition kit are all the tools you’ll need to enhance your intuition, promote wisdom, and build strength in your practice. Any time I work with magical intentions, I enlarge my borders to visualize what else I’m needing. When it comes to intuition, tunnel vision can severely limit our visionary journey. This is why I’m including several stones in this kit for you to work with. This kit is designed to help you connect with others (including spirit guides or angels) with an intuitive communication style.

Blue Kyanite
Your Blue Kyanite can be worked with to gently open the portal of communication on a psychic level. Work with your Kyanite to expand consciousness and create new pathways of communication. In this process, Kyanite can help you release any emotional blockages that could hijack your psychic connections.

Your Labradorite partner is the mystical force that can deepen your awareness and spiritual knowledge. While opening and activating your Third Eye, it invites you to integrate your spiritual experience with your physical reality.

Lemurian Quartz
Your Lemurian Quartz is to assist you in retrieving ancient wisdom to integrate into your modern world. Allow the ancient wisdom to guide you in your intuitive connections and eliminate any energy not serving you.

I’ve included Angelite in this kit to assist you in your work with spirit or angelic guides. So often when we require assistance in psychic endeavors it helps to have guides who can help us stay true to our path and purpose. Working with all of these stones can help offer a balance to your spiritual communications with others.

Ritual Oil
Your anointing oil offers a resinous layer to your magic, combining oils of white sage, frankincense, Jasmine, Palo Santo, Jojoba, Tahitian Vanilla, and fractionated coconut oil.

Your ceremonial incense blend combines the power of lavender, copal, white sage, palo santo oil, and makko powder to prepare you for ritual work. This blend is to promote healing, relaxation, and cleansing which are all needed when you’re working in the psychic realm.

Your tea light candle is dressed with the energies of this kit to carry your intentions out to the universe and to burn away any negativity trying to invade your sacred space.

Magical blessings,

Comes with this description printed out for you.
*NOTE: Each kit’s stones vary slightly as they are from Mother Earth and not identical. Sizes are as close to identical as possible.
Test for skin sensitivity before applying anointing oil. Shake oil well before using.
Never leave burning candle or incense unattended.


Disclaimer: California Prop 65  requires entities doing business in California to provide warnings to consumers about exposures to chemicals that have been identified by the state to cause cancer, birth defects or reproductive harm. Please read our disclaimer here.

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