Labradorite Spheres

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The relationship between Labradorite and the sun is like no other. In low light, you may not notice the secret magic contained within the minerals. However, introduce your Labradorite to the rays of the sun and magic will appear.

Labradorite is commonly found in Labrador and Newfoundland, Canada; home of the Inuit people. Did you know the Inuit Sign Language is said to be critically endangered language? Labradorite is also found in Norway, land my ancestral line of the Vikings. The Vikings were known to land on the shores of Newfoundland in 1000 AD. I find it interesting that these two regions share this gorgeous crystal within their mafic igneous rocks and is the feldspar variety most common in basalt and gabbro. The magnificent flash of the Labradorite is called labradorescence, a term coined by Ove Balthasar Bøggild (from Denmark, another land known to be home of Vikings). Could it be possible that these two lands were once connected and maybe even shared these magical and mystical elements with our earthly ancestors?

Labradorite has been worked with by magic practitioners for support for the Heart, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras. It teaches us to allow our inner magic to be brought into the light to sparkle radiance in our lives. Labradorite has been partnered with healers to expand awareness of the heart and mind, develop psychic skills, and support for lucid dreaming. I suspect Labradorite may have been a mystical stone to the ancient peoples for psychic guidance in their voyages across the seas.

When Labradorite is formed into spheres, by lapidary artists, it can be worked with for sending your intentions out into every direction and can serve as a powerful center of a grid or altar.

Uses: Shamanic work, divination, psychic abilities

Affirmations:I see, I hear, and I understand.


Measurement: appx 2-2.5 inches
MOHS: 6-6.5
Chakras: Third Eye
Zodiac: Pisces
Vibrational Level: Rhythmic

This listing is for 1 Labradorite sphere.

Comes gift wrapped with magical herbs to accompany them in transit.

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