Little Black Box of Magic: Elemental Edition

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Type of gift: Ritual Kit

This Elemental Communication Kit is good for anyone needing additional assistance in their communication. Have emotions been running wild lately? Are you a double water sign looking to harness the flow of emotions and gain some stability? Or have you been stoic in your emotions and want to inspire some flow? This is a well balanced communication kit designed to support you in establishing and maintaining a balance emotional equilibrium.

Carnelian is a stone of abundant energy and creativity. It’s a strong energetic stone that inspires your gifts of empowerment. I’ve included carnelian in this kit to offer strength and creativity in your communication. It’s a powerful assistant to other stones in this kit.

Blue Garnet
Blue Garnet brings its Throat Chakra energy to your meditation and can help bridge you to your angelic guides. Allowing source to speak to you and guide you can offer higher perspectives that may have been hidden from your earthly view.

Rainbow Moonstone
Rainbow Moonstone connects us to divine inspiration, enhances creative expression, and aids in psychic perception. It encourages discernment and offers hope for solid decision making.

Coral is a gift from the Ocean that I love to add to any communication ensemble. It inspires fertility in communication so your words carry an impact in creating change.

The Quartz Point is to keep the energies clear from negative influences and to support clear thinking.

Sea Salt
The Sea Salt jar is adorned with a Larimar bead and Dolphin charm to add the powerful energy of ocean spirits known to bring transformation, playfulness, and creativity to communications and emotions. Charge this talisman for your daily needs and wear on a necklace.

When communication is underdeveloped and led around by unstable emotions, it can lead to chaos and miscommunication with others. Most importantly, it causes misunderstanding within yourself. Know thyself and you’ll begin to manifest mature boundaries and solid conversations that welcome in effective changes.

Sea Salt is protective and is a wonderful bed for the crystals to lay in on your altar. After you’ve worked with the crystals, pour the sea salt into the abalone shell and intuitively place each crystal into the salt.

Abalone Shell
Abalone shells represent the Water element and add to the beauty of the ensemble.

The tealight candle is to carry the energy of your intentions out into the universe. It contains fine glitter, shells, bamboo coral, white sage, and Hawaiian Sandalwood essential oil.

Also included in this kit is a dried white sage leaf for cleansing your sacred space.

All elements are formed in nature and vary slightly. This listing pictures one of five kits. Each may vary in appearance and size, but just slightly.

Magical Blessings,


Comes with this description printed out for you.
*NOTE: Each kit’s stones vary slightly as they are from Mother Earth and not identical. Sizes are as close to identical as possible.
Never leave burning candle unattended.


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