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Folklore Magic to Inspire the Imagination

Folklore is Taylor Swift’s 8th album and her second album owned by her. She brings us this mesmerizing collection of lullabies to heal us during the pandemic. The forest witch aesthetic of her album exudes a cool fresh fantasy to escape to. Even in her Cardigan music video, she is seen in her nightgown in bare feet with her hair wound up in braided buns. The color scheme of green moss in a forest with waterfalls and a portal piano reminds us that it’s acceptable to find peace in tales and imagination.

This folklore collection of crystals was inspired by her album (specifically Cardigan). I pulled together green moss, Petrified Wood, Chlorite Green Quartz Generator, mini birch logs, pine cones, tumbled clear Quartz, Peridot and Black Onyx chip stones, and Green Kyanite.

This folklore inspired grid carries the intentions of renewal, rebirth, healing, regeneration, ancient wisdom, and calming energy. You can receive a portion of this grid, but be sure to note in your purchase “folklore collection” so your shipment contains elements from this specific grid. Offer while supplies last. If you would like to purchase this entire grid, please contact me as soon as possible. Once treasures begin to sell this particular grid, in whole, won’t be available. However, I can create a new one and hold ritual again to bless it for you.

This grid was blessed with a palo santo cleansing ritual and a fairy chime sound bath.

All treasures come gift wrapped.

Magical blessings,


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