Lotus Incense Censer

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These ornate Lotus Incense Censers are accessorized by mineral elements for added energy. I will choose intuitively and send along a description of the minerals on the charms. Also included is 1 small package of loose herbal incense, hand made with white sage leaves and blue lotus.

The Lotus flower is a sacred flower that teaches us there is beauty to be found after coming out of the mire. The blue lotus flower is highly sought after for shamanic journey. White sage is known for its energy cleansing properties.

I hand craft each incense in my magical cottage by the sea. I believe in the magic that manifests after working with the elements. My collection of mortars and pestles range from Cast Iron, to Sacred wood from Hawai’i. My Cast Iron mortar and pestle was previously owned by a pharmacist and my Sacred wood mortar and pestle came from a family in Maui with a long history of medicine women. Working with these tools is a holy practice for me and all my incense is made with love for you.

This listing is for

-1 Charmed Lotus Incense Censer and

-1 package of loose herbal incense

Comes gift wrapped with magical herbs to accompany them in transit.

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