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Lemurian Sea Magic for Untold Manifesting Power

This collection of crystals and sea urchin fossil is reminiscent of the ancient lore of Lemuria and the golden shores now hidden from us. While scientists have yet to discover this fantastical land, our imaginations breathe life into the tales of its knowledge and power. We are a funny sort of human race, given to folklore and imagination at every turn. However, imagination is a key to our magic and accessing that spark is crucial to manifesting our gifts.

This stunning Lemurian collection includes deeply magical Blue Calcite towers (popularly known as Lemurian Blue Calcite, gleaming Clementine Aura Quartz, double terminated Quartz wands, angelic blue Celestite crystals, miniature Copper nuggets, and a fossilized Sea Urchin. The Blue Calcite towers are geometrically arranged into a star pattern to represent Lemuria’s distant divine energy and protection. The Tangerine Aura Quartz is in an inverted star pattern to compliment the Blue Calcite’s positioning. The outer corona of this grid follows the same pattern with double terminated Quartz and Celestite crystals. This grid is anchored by the Fossilized Sea Urchin to represent the magic and wisdom of the sea and adds its circular symbolism of Lemuria’s original perfect state. The grid is then encircled with a steady flow of Copper to conduct its magnificent energy out into the universe.

You can take the plunge into this magic and receive a portion of this grid while supplies last. This Lemurian Collection was bathed in sound energy, cleansed with sage, and blessed in ritual with a conch shell trumpet. If you’re interested in the entire grid please contact me as soon as possible. When you’ve completed your shopping please include a note to indicate your purchase is to include crystals from this grid by simply noting the word “Lemurian Collection” at check out.

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