Tumble Apache Tear Obsidian


Apache Tear Obsidian (tumbled)

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Apache Tear Obsidian has been associated with the Apache for generations, but it also corresponds to the volcano gods and goddess around the world. It is formed as it is ejected from volcanoes and cools in the atmosphere. These pieces have been tumbled to achieve their glossy finish and to expose the beautiful translucency. As the sunlight passes through, you can see the smoky brown color reminiscent of a dark caramel.

Work with Apache Tear Obsidian when you need support for grief or sadness as well as protection. Just as tears are cleansing for us, allowing grief to pass, they can encourage healing and growth for our spirit.

When you select four crystals, I will choose four of similar size and shape for your grid work.

You can also place them at the four corners of your room, house, patio, or office.

Each piece measures approximately 3/4 to 1 inch



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