Natural Rose Quartz Specimen

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Enchanted Sachets of Rose Quartz and Roses

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Rose Quartz is authentically the go-to crystal for all things pertaining to love and is the seed of the heart when it comes to all things emotionally enjoyable. First, and foremost, is the love we all need in the inner most intimate places within ourselves. It’s the chamber of the heart that needs to be nurtured before we can nurture others. When we are healed in this inner sanctum then we become empowered to guide others to be healed as well.

These rose quartz specimen pieces are strong ruddy chunks that can withstand the rough-around-the-edges kind of interaction we get with people each day. Though powerful in their own right, they pair nicely with Apache Tear Obsidian. When your intuition whispers the need for illumination so you’re investing love in the right places, then Selenite would make these specimens a mighty duo.

Each specimen is approximately 1-2 inches and have all been anointed with rose essential oil. They have been bathed under the beckoning chimes of the Zaphir melodies. They were then each individually nestled into an organza bags and lightly showered with dried rose petals. Each rose quartz received a dried rose bud to keep their energies attuned for your highest good. Each bag also contains a sage leaf for your consecrating ritual.

Each of these rose quartz packages were then placed into the well of a red abalone shell, fresh florals, and rose quartz hearts to prepare them for their journey home to you.

Uses: Strong love, deep devotion, nurturing

Affirmations: “My love is deep and powerful.”


Measurement: appx 1-2 inches
Chakras: Heart
Zodiac: Taurus, Libra
Vibrational Level: Soothing
This listing is for 1 enchanted kit of love.

Comes gift wrapped with magical herbs to accompany them in transit.


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