Double Terminated Smoky Quartz Wand

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Smoky Quartz is one of those crystals every healer must have in their little black box of magic. Smoky Quartz can transmute negative energy. It acts like an energy filter and is an ideal tool when working with clients. As a double terminated wand, it can transmute their negative energy and help keep you clear of those vibrational toxins. It’s a healing tool and a protection wand all in one.┬áSome contain phantoms.

Smokey Quartz can be used for support when eliminating nicotine addiction, detoxification, cleansing doubt, and removing tangled chords.

This dark and mysterious stone can also help ground you in the heart of Mother Earth. If you live in a place where you cannot connect with Mother Earth through bare feet, then adding Smoky Quartz to your personal ritual time can aid you.

A double terminated crystal can send and receive energy. As a Smoky double termination, it can aid you in cleansing anything energy that might try to hijack the flow between you and another. While I believe any double terminated crystal can work, these are naturally terminated wands. I do feel they carry a greater magic than those carved into double terminated formations.

Each double terminated Smoky Quartz has been anointed with a proprietary transmuting blend of essential oils (diluted for safety) and I’m enclosing a 1/4 dram size for your ritual work. Each little dram contains an obsidian chipstone for added protection energy. Each one was placed into an organza bag along with magic herbs, hand ground sage leaf and a dried sage leaf for consecration. I’m also adding one black feather to help you in your energy work.

Using the black feather, you’re going to wave the energy away from your body after you complete your crystal healing ritual.

-Double Terminated Smokey Quartz

-Anointing oil

-Black feather

-Magic Herbs

-Sage Leaf

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