Quartz Dodecahedron for Sacred Geometry

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The Dodecahedron is the fourth in the mathematical sequence of the Five Platonic Shapes. These geometric quartz can aid you in ascending to Source and receive a heightened level of energy healing due to it’s form. While quartz doesn’t grow in this geometric form, you can work with it even though it’s carved by an artist.

Place your dodecahedron on your chosen surface and surround it with alternating rose quartz and green calcite crystals. This invites the vibrations of the Heart Chakra to attune with the dodacehadron quartz. Conduct your sacred ritual and when your intuitive process informs you that the ritual is complete, release each rose quartz and green calcite from their circular positions until all you have left is the dodecahedron quartz. Your quartz is now charged and ready for activation any time.

Each piece comes anointed with essential oils and placed into an organza bag with dried chamomile and a sage leaf for consecration.

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