Double Terminated Lemurian Quartz Wands

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The mystical and magical location of Lemuria! Aren’t we a society enamored with magical places?!? Lemuria is just one such magical place, along with Atlantis, The Garden of Eden, Agard, and Mount Olympus. Yet, Lemuria contains the magical wisdom we need for ultimate healing. The land from the dawn of time, holding bountiful wisdom for future generations!

Working with double terminated Lemurian Quartz can aid you and your clients when seeking hidden wisdom. The double termination can send and receive wisdom, creating a conduit for mental and spiritual communication.

Each of these wands have been anointed with essential oils to layer your magical medicine and placed into an organza bag with dried lavender and a sage leaf for consecrating. I held them in sacred space and bathed them under sound vibrational therapy.

This listing is for 1 Double Terminated Lemurian Wand sachet.


Chakra: Crown

Zodiac: ALL


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