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Women, Take Your Power Back

Today I woke up to trending news about Bella Thorne and Whoopi Goldberg. I had been a fan of Whoopi since I was a teen and became acquainted with Bella Thorne’s films since I have three daughters who have grown up in her era. As a mom, I gotta tell you, I tend to have a protective vibe over the girls my girls grew up watching on TV.

Now I’m raising my niece who is twelve years old, quickly approaching thirteen later next week! A theme she and I have been working through is ‘taking back your power’. In today’s techy era we also regularly discuss safety with technology. I’m kinda the odd mom out because I haven’t given her a phone, she doesn’t use a tablet, and doesn’t go on the computer UNLESS I’m with her. She gets to use my phone to text her friends, she gets to earn watching youtubers on my tablet, and can use a computer for school work. Yeah… I’m the big bad mean ‘mommy’.

But I see the other kids in social media, vaping, sending out inappropriate photos, saying mean girl things to the other kids they go to school with. That’s not the environment I want for my niece. So I set up boundaries and safe guards. It’s not a perfect system by any means, but I’m trying to teach her some wisdom and guide her in creating smart boundaries for herself. Someday she will have a phone, a tablet, and unfettered access to the internet. For now, I’m teaching her how to own her power and in the event that she loses it from time to time, how to take it back.

So here I sit with my sage and black tourmaline today, thinking about Bella and all the others like her. It wasn’t too long ago that Jennifer Lawrence dealt with the same issue. What do we learn from what these women have been through? Initially, we might learn to keep tighter restrictions on our devices and maybe we don’t store photos for a long time. Maybe we learn how hackers do what they do so we can better protect ourselves. But more than that we learn how NOT to respond when our fellow females are victimized. The lesson I stress to my niece (and my own 3 grown up daughters) is to STAND TOGETHER.

At times like this I spend time working with red amphibole quartz and pray for protection for our sisters. The kind of protection that warns the perps, shamers, and blamers about the dark phoenix we have within. Don’t mess with us. We stand together.


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