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Why Every Light Worker Needs to Learn This

What to do when you have built up energy, worked with it, and need to give it back to the Universe to avoid overload:

Connect with Earth with bare feet and hands.


While we can talk about the feel of the earth under bare feet and toes, there’s something far more intrinsic about how it relates to the soul. Being bare and unprotected teaches us to trust and be vulnerable. This is what ‘earthing’ does for our spiritual journey. Our feet represent where we go in this life, our hands represent what we do. There’s no better place to build our strength than to walk through places where we can be vulnerable and to serve others who make us uncomfortable. How can we, as light workers, serve our community if we haven’t faced our own fears? How do we intuitively guide others if we haven’t already walked that path and emerged victoriously?

Most people don’t want to be vulnerable. When we refuse to allow ourselves to be vulnerable, we rob ourselves from the opportunity to become stronger. What happens in that process can be both harmful and helpful at the same time, we develop callouses. Callouses can be protective, but also hurtful. This is both a physical aspect of life as well as an emotional and spiritual one. We’re all born vulnerable and we all develop callouses.

Being vulnerable doesn’t mean we’re going to render ourselves unprotected. There’s always an element of protection that is required while being vulnerable. If we have no safeguards in place then we wouldn’t be able to trust being vulnerable. Building a layer of protection is crucial to our work, both personally and professionally. When we’re working with people who come to us for spiritual guidance, we need to have our own layer of protection. There’s a lot more to teach about protection and it deserves more than just a blog post. For now, I want to focus more on how to release the tension we see and feel happening to us on a daily basis. That tension that comes from being exposed, from being vulnerable, can build up over time and become quite unattractive.

We attract a multitude of energy from others as we walk through the store, endure traffic and drivers with road rage, and even while raising toddlers with tantrums. Nothing hurts our families like allowing all that energy to follow us back home. When we open our front door at the end of the day and walk in with  energetic parasites leeching on us we will manifest their sickness and infect our families. At the end of the day, we bring home all kinds of tension. The earth is there to be our greatest ally and healer in this work we’re called to.

Below are a few examples of how you can release that tension at the end of the day.

The simplest release method is to touch the earth with our skin. Our bare feet and palms of our hands release in such a natural way. Kick off your shoes and socks and plant your feet on the ground. In the dirt, sand, or grass is best, but even on the concrete will work. Sit on a bench or stool outside your home and rest your feet gently, lifting periodically to allow air to move freely around your feet. Wiggle your toes and imagine the tension being released, as though you’re sprinkling it off and the earth is accepting it from you. Allow yourself to feel the blades of grass wiping and cleansing your feet of anything that won’t serve you and your family. Emotional, mental, and spiritual friction can create a calloused exterior. Rub your feet in the sand and visualize it exfoliating the rough patches of energy that developed during your day of friction.

Obviously, going barefoot is easier in climates with mild weather. If you can’t get to Earth (many live in cities and several blocks from a park): keep a sacred bowl of earth and stones in your home somewhere that can be used. While sitting down, place your bare feet in the dirt and send the energy to the earth. Allow earth to receive that energy. Brush off the dirt from your feet then place them in a foot bath with sea salt for cleansing. You can also add some essential oils like rosemary, lavender, or patchouli.

Another method, to be used with our hands, is through touch. We have palm trees in front of our home, do you have a tree in your yard or even in the parking lot at work? Trees, especially palm trees, endure a lot of battering in the elements of the sun, wind, and rain. They take a lot and become stronger over time. They’re strong enough to receive your tension and send it back to the earth through their firmly planted roots. Place your hands on the trunk of the tree and thank it for being your ally. Breathe in the oxygen its leaves are offering to you and allow your lungs to receive the cleansing Air has to offer you. As you exhale, you’re releasing what no longer serves you and your tree willingly accepts it through the carbon dioxide you offer back. The tree is able to filter out the negative energy and use the rest for food through photosynthesis. Once you feel the tension release, place your hands palm-to-palm and bow then offer your gratitude for the work the tree does on your behalf. Make sure you’re taking good care of your tree all year long. While the tree is your ally, you also need to be an ally in return.

Create a salt scrub for your hands and feet. Sea salt with grounding oils (like patchouli, sandalwood, or Vetiver) and gently scrub hands and feet then take a bath or shower and wash it all away. Keep your salt scrub at the kitchen or laundry sink to use as soon as you come home.

Learn more about earthing and working with earth energy and elements for your rituals.

Do you have other methods of earthing at the end of the day? Share in the comments below.

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