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Conjur Your Inner Magic and Rise Above the Crisis

We’ve been quarantining since March and the days seem to disappear like sand through loosely woven wicker. Our dance steps stumble while we reach out for something stable to balance ourselves on. There’s been an overwhelming dread of the unknown, this invisible threat is our daily monster and our swords can’t even see this dragon in order to slay it. We ask ourselves if the next time we drive by to wave at grandma, if it’s the last time we’ll see her. We remind her to wear a mask when food deliveries arrive and we’re quick to leave Yelp reviews for other customers to know which stores are the safest. Some days I feel like the family in the film, The Quiet Place. Being careful of every step. Wiping down all groceries, disinfecting touch points, properly wearing masks, avoiding people by six feet distancing. Not one step can falter, we must remain vigilant and balanced. It can be exhausting. This collective crisis has affected the entire planet.

It’s time to awaken our folk magic

We’re on the sixth month of this trek and I feel like we’re not even to Mordor yet. We all need our own Samwise Gamgee to help sustain us. This journey leaves us parched and we battle through our fears the best we can. This week I feel like we woke up in the misty mountains of Lothl√≥rien when I listened to Taylor’s latest album, folklore. She certainly captured the elven oasis we all needed access to. She invited us into her musical portal to another realm to rest and be refreshed.

Among all the disinfecting of surfaces and hand washing our cloth masks, it was time to conduct an intense cleansing of my altar space. The Full Moon, Saturn, and Jupiter came into alignment revealing our need for ritual. All the crystals and tools need to be cleansed and the energy refocused. While I stand in solidarity with my human race, I have to find my own balance again. This collective crisis will not defeat my spirit.

It’s time to roll up the sleeves of our ritual robes and reignite the fires of magic. Throughout history, people of various religions knew that when crisis came upon them it was time to pray, march, and sing. It’s time to take out that wand and our other intuitive tools. We have a great work to do.

We can’t stop encouraging one another. Now is the time to get serious and not loose ground. Dig our heels in and do the great work of our ancestors.

We must be consistent and not waver. Our families and loved ones need to know there IS a future waiting for us. Don’t wait until the future surprises you, be ready for it. Create your daily ritual and be faithful with it. Anoint the door posts, sage the home, diffuse essential oils. Liven up your home, write letters to loved ones, and cook together. The holidays are just around the corner. Organize your recipe cards, plan the feast details, get your shopping done early. We’re not sure yet if we will have the same old traditional holiday gatherings, but we can and should create the most memorable holiday ever. These traditions are our rituals of love and friendship. The storytelling of Dickens and Disney have long been told around our homes every year, but what story are we telling this year? Maybe Taylor has that keen magical insight we need to learn from, folklore. It’s time to unleash your magic, dear folk people.

Come join us in the magic>> Circle of Intuition

Blessed Be,


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