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Hunter’s Moon

Do you know how much I love this season? If you’ve been reading my blog you’re probably noticing the increased activity. There’s something mystical about this time of year. Inspiration seems to come more abundantly and I’m suspecting it’s because the veil is thinning and all the wondrous magic from our ancestors is coming through.

The Hunter’s Moon speaks to us about finalizing our hunt before the harsh winter hits. Whatever it is that you’ve been working on this year, it’s time to go in for the ‘kill’ and reap your rewards.

When working with the Hunter’s Moon, as with any full moon, you’ll want to allow the full moon energy to fill some crystals with that abundant and fulfilling energy. Since this full moon is so close to Samhain, I also gather specific crystals together to soak up all that Moon Goddess vibe.


Nothing speaks of the Divine Moon Goddess herself like Selenite. Her namesake crystal is believed to harness her magical moon beams. Hail Diana!

Orange Calcite

Orange Calcite holds sacred energy for your jewelry. Simply place your rings, bracelets, earrings, or amulets on an Orange Calcite charging plate over night to prepare your adornments for the next day.


I love working with mini quartz generators for grid work in a limited space. Quartz can work with any energy you need when other crystals may not be available to you.

Orange Selenite

Each of these Orange Selenite tumbled pieces hold a blushing moon energy for your ancestral work this Samhain.

Black Tourmaline

One of the most powerful crystals to work with for spiritual protection. These tumbled pieces are perfect for your Samhain altar and to hold close while the veil is thinning. Please one in your Enchanted Jack O’ Lantern for added protection.

Amphibole Phantom Quartz

Phantom Quartz with grounding vibes waiting to partner with your passions.

Smoky Quartz

Divine Smoky Quartz wands, double terminated for magic that sends and receives protective energy.

Chlorite Phantom Quartz

Chlorite Phantom Quartz generators to work with heart healing energy. Ready to restore a relationship? Work with Chlorite Quartz.

Carnelian Flames

Passionate Carnelian Flames for raising the fires that burn away all that no longer serves you.


Malachite works with your enchantments and charms for emotional harmony and stability in friendships.


The Sorcerer’s Stone to bring all kinds of power and mysticism into your practice. Potent crystal to ground you firmly while dealing with difficult people.

This Full Moon we’re holding sacred space for our ancestors who may be visiting for Samhain this year. We’re gathering around a bonfire and will be placing our crystals in a safe place around the fire to receive the energy of our ritual. Always use caution when it comes to crystals and flame, the fire can heat up your crystals and be hot. So keep them at a safe distance.

Magical blessings,


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Afraid of your own Shadow?

We often see small children discovering their shadows and being frightened by them. Their tiny minds can’t understand why this dark figure is connected to them and following their every move. Even the groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, gets frightened and scurries back to his little hole in the ground if he sees his shadow at Imbolc.

Being afraid of one’s own shadow has been used as a hyperbole to indicate a person is frightened easily over small or imaginary things. Our imaginations can go wild when we’re tired or our tension level is on overdrive. Even our ancestors fears brought on wild imaginations which wreaked havoc on many women during the Salem Trials. When we don’t see things clearly (being in shadows), then our imaginations take over. It’s our mind’s way of trying to figure things out.

Many people will often reject our imaginations as evil and insist we ignore our imaginations. Then we have those who inspire us to use our imaginations to create wondrous magic in the world, as Walt Disney has done. His legacy reaches out to those with a youthful outlook and inspires us to tap into our creativity. Disney even has a unique program for Imagineers.

So as you can see, our imaginations can be quite powerful, it all depends on how you use it. We can hide from our shadows like the groundhog, or use our imaginations to find out how to create! We can create health!

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Our inner shadow is very similar to these analogies. When we hide from our shadow we allow fear to control our imaginations. This can lead to all kinds of sinister consequences. That is where the true evil waits for us. It waits in the fear, not in the shadow itself. Look at Disney’s Elsa as an example. Elsa has a beautiful gift, but the accident involving her sister caused her and her parents to fear her gift instead of embracing it. Their fear took them to a place of neglect. They hid from the truth about Elsa and that fear is what caused Elsa to grow out of control with her powers. Their imaginations ran wild and in turn, it hindered Elsa’s growth as a young woman. That fear robbed Elsa and Anna of their childhood and brought destruction when it came time for Elsa to be crowned Queen.

Our shadow represents the unknown. The often misunderstood aspects of ourselves. When we neglect it and hide it from the world, we’re actually hiding it from ourselves.

Lets take a look at the shadow from a different perspective. After all, seeing your shadow from differing angles and with different light can make all the difference.

You may have heard the phrase “being taken under her wing”. Being under a wing is a metaphor for protection, guidance, and apprenticeship. Those wings can provide shade (shadow) in extreme situations that require us to rest and be safe. Our shadow, or shade, is there for us. It can be of assistance when we need to protect ourselves or learn something intuitively. It’s that inner knowing like ‘Mother’s Intuition’ or that feeling you get when you feel danger is near. That’s when your ‘fight or flight’ response kicks in! What a great gift that shadow can be!

Your shade can be viewed as the heart of your soul. The place where your empathy grows. It can make you feel emotions to the fullest or (when traumatized) create great agony, as in the television series The Magicians. When your shade (shadow) has been traumatized, it needs to be nurtured and healed. Crystal therapy can do wonders to guide your shade to a place of healing. Modern therapies would include psychological support from a licensed professional. In some cases, medication may be required. It all depends on the depth of the trauma and the strength a person has to overcome.

When we listen to our shadows, they will whisper their secrets. It’s not always easy for them to speak up. It requires we be in a place of stillness in our spirits. We need a safe place to meet with our shade and hear what he/she communicates to us.

My recommendation for crystal support for communicating with your shadow are as follows:

Apache Tear Obsidian: This type of Obsidian is a beautiful element to work with as tears can be quite therapeutic for us. Dr. Judith Orloff gives us a simple example from her article at Psychology Today:

“Like the ocean, tears are salt water. Protectively they lubricate your eyes, remove irritants, reduce stress hormones, and they contain antibodies that fight pathogenic microbes. Our bodies produce three kinds of tears: reflex, continuous, and emotional.  Each kind has different healing roles.”

How often do you hear people say, “Don’t cry” as a method of consoling someone? When in fact, crying can be the most beneficial thing we can do to release those bottled up emotions.

Apache Tear Obsidian has that “smoky quartz” kind of color and transparency, which is often the quality that helps us to transmute negative energy. Transmuting negative energy is a method of metamorphosis to move from one existence into a more beautiful existence.

When I work with Apache Tear Obsidian, I like to pair them with Selenite.

Selenite, the crystal named after the Moon Goddess (Selene), offers a gentle glowing ‘light’ to guide us when healing our shadow. You may even wish to keep a Selenite Castle with you when you’re in therapy or keep it by your bedside. When we’re tired, especially at night, our minds protective barrier lowers to aid us in sleeping. However, when your shadow is in need of healing, it can often be the time when your imagination ‘falls of a cliff’and negative thoughts can come flooding to the surface. This can make it very difficult to get a good night’s sleep.

Selenite can be that ‘night light’ for the soul and help put your mind at ease. When hidden things have gentle illumination, it can make it easier and more gentle to understand. You can even get a lit base to place your Selenite Castle on to provide actual light in your space. (Note: this Amazon link is in conjunction with so a percentage of the sale goes to support The Pacific Whale Foundation).

I hope this has been useful and helpful for you in understanding what shadow is and the importance in accepting your shadow as a gift and to inspire you toward healing.

Magical blessings,



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Practical Moon Magic with Selenite

Have you ever considered the practical magic of the moon? We’re all  a part of this natural universe and intimately connected to all that is! Many spiritual paths teach that we come from Mother Earth in some fashion or another. Whether it’s from evolution or from the dust of the earth with the help of a Creator, we are one! 

It’s often said that the moon is connected to the female monthly cycle. Even tea companies market special blends marketed as Moon Cycle or PMS tea. Magical practitioners often serve women as crystal healers, aromatherapists, and herbalists to create a treatment plan to assist and support them for overall wellness.

But have you thought about how similar we, as women, are to the moon?

The Moon is responsible for our ocean’s tide, making her intimately connected to our water energy. With her weaker gravitational pull, she exhibits the uplifting benefit of making us feel weightless from our worries. Since the Moon has no atmosphere, there is no sound and the “sky” always appears black. Drawing upon the energy of the moon can be beneficial in meditation as we seek solace and stillness.

The Moon’s rocky substance consists of Iron and Magnesium, both elements that women lose during their monthly cycle. Which makes our draw to the moon each month all the more understandable.

There is one thing we all have in common, our love of the moon.

Next we come to the magical name of the moon, Luna. Luna is known all over the world under different names, one of which is Selene. This is where we get the name, Selenite. Selenite is named after the Moon Goddess herself. She is the patron deity of our Mother Earth’s only natural satellite. Selene is a Goddess in the Greek Pantheon, often said to be riding her chariot across the sky. The crescent moon is sometimes likened to the bull’s horns, making a Taurus moon quite special.

When I’m working with Moon energy, I immediately go to my Selenite tools and the associated elements with herbs and essential oils.

Herbs associated with the Moon include, but are not limited to,

White Sage
Clary Sage
White Roses
Night Blooming Jasmine

Crystals Associated with the Moon:


In my shop are various Selenite listings to aid you in your spiritual practice.

Selenite Castles can be placed by the bedside table for eliminating fear (substitute for a night light), especially for children. It’s their angelic spirit light to keep the space gently illuminated with energy for expelling dark entities.

Selenite is a great gift for anyone moving into a new home for harnessing new-home blessings.
Keep one in a spare bedroom used for guests.
Keep in your specimen curio cabinet to help your crystal collection to remain balanced in their natural energies.

Selenite Slabs: Use these plates for placing jewelry on, over night, to cleanse and balance any intruding energy that followed you home.
Use as a method of keeping anointing oils clear and balanced. Place anointing oil bottles atop the plate during the full moon.
Keep wherever you store your white ritual candles.
Use as an altar piece. Create a mini altar atop the plate.

Selenite Wands Wrapped with Wire and Adorned with Crystals for use in your ceremonial practice.

*Carnelian- Known as the stone of energy and focus, when combined with Selenite can bring clarity to your energy and help keep your gaze front and center.
*Kyanite- Often used as a tool for psychic practitioners, becomes a powerful ally to have clear perception.
*Rhodochrosite- Exhibits tender and loving energy, making this combination with Selenite a perfect tool for feminine needs.
*Charoite- One of Mother Nature’s premiere dream stones and illuminator of truth, allowing access to lessons learned in past lives, healing emotional fears.

All of these items can be found in my Etsy shop. The link is at the top of my website.

I have a special class about Selenite and the moon correspondences planned for you in our Facebook group. You can join here.

Magical Blessings,


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