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The Magic of Tools and Why They Matter

There’s an influx of interest in creating magic in our current era and many are wanting to influence politics, attract love, and change the culture of their countries. Magic certainly is a powerful force and the attraction to it is understandable. Some might even say magic is a temptation.

There’s a lot you can do by working with magic and there are some guidelines, based in good philosophy and science, that everyone should learn before attempting to cast a spell or chant an incantation. However, I’m not going to tackle those topics in this article. What I do want to share with you is the practical truth. All the power you need is already within you.

Some practitioners work with everyday items to manifest magic. Some common tools you can use are a thimble, a vintage spoon, buttons, a cat whisker, or even a feather found outside. We have a group on FB where I teach about some of those simple tools that can pack a powerful punch. We can work with simple tools or we can use more elaborate tools like crystals, essential oils, and even fossils!

petrified wood for ancient wisdom

Now here’s why working with tools matter. When we pick up a tool with our own hands, we’re making a commitment with our intentions. Much like the commitment we make when we write something down, like signing a contract. Working with tools makes us more aware of what we’re putting out into the universe. Our tools should give us pause before enacting an enchantment, charm, or spell.

When we go to our chest or cabinet to retrieve a tool, we’re already setting our intentions in motion. We know which tools to select based on what we want to manifest. *Assuming you know what each tool offers.

Working with magic is an art form, just like working with a brush and paint to create a painting. Some artists work with metal to create jewelry. Some craftsmen(and women) work with clay to create pottery. Magical practitioners work with tools to artistically manifest their desires.

larimar and clear quartz

In the image above, I’ve created a crystal grid with a quartz generator at the center, quartz points, and Larimar hearts to manifest loving communication among family. The Larimar hearts are pointed inward to send their communication energy to the generator and the generator sends that energy out through it’s top and through the quartz points that are pointing outward. Making a crystal grid can be a spiritually therapeutic experience for the mind, body, and soul. When we set our intentions, work with our hands, handle tools, and create art with our magic we are sure to manifest the highest good of our intentions. (I firmly believe that even if we get some things ‘wrong’ that the universe can filter that stuff out and work with our best expectations and goals.)

My daughter, Monica, and I worked with crystals in 2018 to manifest rain for Northern California. The city of Paradise was swept away with fire and the smoke was so bad people were being hospitalized for smoke inhalation and 87 civilians died. Our intentions were that rain would visit the area and provide a cleansing of the air and offer help to extinguish the fires.

Notice the date on the post.

As we set up our grid, we worked with my rain stick and called upon the forces of Mother Nature to send rain to Northern California.

Eleven days later, heavy rain started to fall in the region, offering help to the fire fighters to contain the flames. Their area received so much rain that our friends in Butte County were messaging us to take down our grid because there so much rain that they were being flooded. Working your magic with tools IS powerful!

If you’re desiring to make changes in your life and see your magic manifest then be sure to join our group before the next lesson commences.

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