Tumbled Amber

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Amber’s name comes from Latin electrum and Ancient Greek ἤλεκτρον (ēlektron), which correspond to a term ἠλέκτωρ (ēlektōr) and means “beaming Sun”. The name ‘elektron’ birthed the common word ‘electricity’ and amber can sometimes hold a static electricity charge making it a superb choice for manifesting energy for your variety of intentions. In ancient Germania, amber would be tossed up on the shore every spring. It’s origin most likely was from the waxy substance inside the sperm whale, but today we get amber from fossilized tree (pine genus) resin. Amber corresponds with the Fire element and the zodiac signs Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius. Work with amber to raise energy to improve motivation, exercise, creativity, and endurance.

Each piece measures appx .5 to .75 inches and come gift wrapped with sage for cleansing and consecrating.

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