The Little Bag O’ Fairy Magic©


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I’ve always been in love with fairies since I was a wee small lass. I have ancestry from the land of the Fae, Ireland! The Fae have been enchanting me ever since. Through my own childhood and the years of raising my own littles up with early morning searches for clues of fairy activity, I discovered the simplest magic that makes their wings flutter with excitement!

The Little Bag O’ Fairy Magic© is carefully crafted for the little fairy lover in your life.

Within the wee bag you’ll find the following tools for your neighboring fairies:

  • Small shell for offerings to the Fae.
  • Tumbled chipstones (rose quartz, peridot, citrine)
  • Miniature sea shells
  • Colorful threads (fairies love to sew!)
  • Dried lavender flowers
  • 1 fairy sized quartz wand
  • Anointing oil (made with rose de mai, tuberose, and fractionated coconut oil)
  • Magical corked bottle of fairy dust, adorned with a butterfly and glass bead charm then wrapped with blue floss.
  • 1 scroll containing my best tips for searching for fairies and what other kinds of magical offerings they love!
  • Directions on how to create and consecrate your fairy offering.

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