Selenite Sphere

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Every magic practitioner should have themselves a Selenite Sphere. I don’t often say that about tools, but this is one (of a few) I definitely recommend for everyone who wants to manifest. Selenite corresponds with the moon and the Goddess of the moon, Diana. Harnessing the moon’s energy invites the divine feminine into any endeavor. Since the moon is so intricately involved in our craft, it’s imperative to work with Selenite. If you’re journaling through the moon phases or aligning your monthly cycle to the full moon then you’ll want to add Selenite to your altar and your desk where you journal. Be sure to place your Selenite in a window sill on the full moon to soak up all her divine energy.

Comes gift wrapped with sage leaf for smudging.

“I bask in the gentle moon light”

MOHS: 1.5-2

Zodiac: Cancer

Chakra: Crown

Magical blessings,



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