Selenite Generators

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Selenite gets it’s Grecian influence from the Goddess of the Moon, Selene. In Rome, the moon’s divine feminine is known as Diana.  There are multiple deities associated with the moon such as Máni, the old Norse god of the moon. It has been suggested that Máni is the origin of our modern idea of ‘the man on the moon’. Whichever deity you work with, Selenite is the illuminating crystal to work with to harness their influence and energy. as a magic practitioner, working with Selenite brings calm emotions and divine spiritual influence. You can work with a Selenite generator as the center piece of your crystal grids and on your altar.

Each tower comes gift wrapped and includes sage for cleansing and consecrating.

Measures appx 3 inches tall and appx 1.5 inches wide at the base.

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