Sand Dollar (Sea Urchin) Fossils

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The Sand Dollar certainly has a few different stories of folklore that corresponds to them, but I have some thoughts of my own I’d like to share. The Sand Dollar, also called a Sea Urchin, is a shell that houses a species called echinoids, that belong to the order Clypeasteroida. It’s average life span is 8-10 years, but a fossil can be around 65 million years old by the time we find them.

Often we think of mermaid money when we see sand dollars, but truth be told merfolk don’t have a need for money and their hearts are true to their ecosystem. They would never use a neighbor as a token for making purchases. Sand Dollars are actual creatures and live in harmony with their under water citizens.

The beautiful design of the 5 pointed star is reminiscent of our flowers here on the land. The 5 pointed star is held as sacred in many spiritual traditions and can be worked with to guide us to balance and harmony. Each point represents the crucial elements to our existence; fire, water, earth, air, spirit. In the form of a fossil, the star reminds us to call upon the ancient wisdom these elements hold for us.

The sand dollar held it’s position in water society long before we were here and they’re still with us today, burrowing under the sand. They bring us a wealth of spiritual wisdom for our modern day practices.

Just as my Germanic ancestors used sigils on their farms for protection, the sand dollar’s embedded star design offers a protective quality for your emotions. While the sand dollar lives in the ocean, it’s correspondence is earth. Sand Dollars burrow under the sand for it’s protection and earth is the element to help keep us grounded and stable.

This listing is for 1 fossil sand dollar and comes gift wrapped with sacred herbs to keep it’s energy safe while in transit.

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