Rose Quartz Palm Stones

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Rose Quartz is the traditional crystal for love and friendship. I have written more about different aspects of Rose Quartz here and here. I encourage you to read the information I shared with those two listings. For this listing of Palm Stones I want to focus you in on how to work with Rose Quartz in the shape of palm stones.

Palm stones are just the right size for holding in the palm of your hands. You can work with one palm stone by placing it on the Heart while laying down. It’s not as heavy a stone as the heart shapes as I have listed here. Sometimes people may feel a crystal is too heavy when placed over the heart, but these palm stones are much easier to work with for those with sensory issues.

You can also work with two Rose Quartz palm stones during meditation. Holding on in each hand can help keep you focused on the intentions of love you wish to work with. Sitting in a Lotus style position, place your hands (palms up) on your knees and hold the palm stones loosely in your hands. Relax the finger and they should rest with your fingertips curved just above the Rose Quartz. In this practice, imagine the love of Rose Quartz slightly lifting from the crystal and forming a small ball of pink light in your hands.  That energy field of love is actually coming from you and infusing the Rose Quartz. The palm stones hold that sacred energy within it’s crystal structure.

Breath deep and slow as you focus your intentions toward the goal of your manifestation.

Uses:Love, friendship, self-care, divine love, angels

Affirmations: “I am cared for and my value is not determined by others.”


  • Measurement: appx
  • MOHS: 7
  • Chakras: Heart
  • Zodiac: Taurus, Libra
  • Vibrational Level: Soothing

This listing is for 1 Rose Quartz Palm Stone

Comes gift wrapped with magical herbs to accompany them in transit.

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