Rainbow Moonstone

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Moonstone is a gorgeous mineral that gets its spectacular shimmer from feldspar. Rainbow Moonstone has some familiar family members like Labradorite, Sunstone, and Amazonite. Rainbow Moonstone is among my favorites in the gem world as it offers that magical iridescence glimmer known as Adularescence. It’s the name given to describe how the light scatters through the layers of feldspar.

Rainbow Moonstone is associated with the moon and its goddess, Selene. Rainbow Moonstone can be used as a talisman to bring the influence of fertility, love, and protection to those who adorn themselves with the jewelry made with it and by carrying in a leather medicine pouch.

I often will sit in my patio with a Rainbow Moonstone and move it around in my hand and watch as the sunlight glimmers in the layers of the stone. I am forever in awe of this magical gem.

Uses: mysticism, fertility, protection

Affirmations: “I honor the goddess within me.”


Measurement: appx .5 to 1 inch
Chakras: Crown and Throat
Zodiac: Cancer
Vibrational Level: Low

This listing is for 1 tumbled Rainbow Moonstone.

Comes gift wrapped with magical herbs to accompany them in transit.

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