Polished Selenite Massage Wands

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Selenite, named after the Moon Goddess Selene, is a wondrous tool to use for opening sacred circle for ritual work (both solitary or communal). Selenite comes from Mexico, where it is found in abundance. Where there’s abundance, there’s magic! It’s a form of gypsum crystal that radiates the light of the moon. It can be worked with for many uses including crystal healing, cleanse your aura, and place in a room where you want to have added protection from sinister night time entities.

Selenite is associated with the Crown Chakra and can be worked with for any directional invocations and all of the Zodiac. It’s most common use is in calling upon your angelic guides for wisdom, protection, or any other assistance from your winged warriors. Selenite can be used in practical magic with the Moon.

Each piece is held in sacred space under the full moon and placed in an organza bag with lavender and sage to bless the wand while in storage.

These magical pieces measure approximately 5-6 inches in length.

MOHS: 1.5-2

Zodiac: Cancer

Chakra: Crown

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