Petrified Wood Slices

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Petrified wood is fossilized tree material that has withstood the test of time. These ancient slices act as a talisman for wisdom and stability and hold the memories of our Mother Earth. While their MOHS is about 6.5-7, I still handle with care since they are ancestral wood deserve the respect and honor of being cared for properly. They can be placed on your altar or used as a foundation below a standing crystal such as a generator. For an ultimate grounding experience, I would place an amphibole generator atop one of these slices.

Our ancestors believed trees held ancient magic and wisdom. The tree spirits have certainly witnessed history taking shape throughout their life span. The energy has embraced their ancient wisdom and is waiting to share it with you. They can inspire calm and stability when times are turbulent for you. Trees teach us to bury our roots deep to take a strong hold on our foundation. Their spirits speak to us about getting grounded so the storms don’t overtake us.

Uses: Calming, stability, wisdom

Affirmations: “I stand firm on my foundation and heed ancient wisdom.”


Measurement: appx 2 inches
MOHS: 6.5-7
Chakras: Root
Zodiac: Leo
Vibrational Level: Low

This listing is for 1 Petrified Wood Healer.

Comes gift wrapped with magical herbs to accompany them in transit.

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