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Goddess Mysteries – Pele Ritual Kit


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For Pele’s Ritual Kit, the stones you’ll be working with are Obsidian and Red Coral. For this offering, I’ve created a special option so you can select which type of Obsidian you’d like to work with.

Note: It is dishonoring to Pele to remove obsidian from the Hawaiian islands. The obsidian we have chosen to work with is from Mexico.

First, is Gold Obsidian. Gold Sheen Obsidian offers a sparkle in sunlight that is sure to dazzle in your ritual work. Its fiery flash brings a warm and lavish energy in your time with Pele.

Next, is Silver Obsidian. Silver Sheen Obsidian is a cool sparkle with a flash that’s reminiscent of fairies dancing across the islands leaving a trail of pixie dust behind them.

Lastly,  is Rainbow Obsidian. Rainbow Obsidian offers that color splash we often see adorning the misty skies of the Hawaiian Islands. Rainbows are often said to be a promise from God to never flood the Earth again. They’re also a universal symbol of One Love.

This Pele Kit listing has been created with the option to select the Obsidian that resonates most with you. Along with your choice of Obsidian, is a piece of Red Coral. Our Red Coral offering is *not the endangered red coral*. In honor of our protected ecosystem, we have opted to include a dyed piece of coral as your muse in this kit.

Red Coral symbolizes life and blood source energy. It’s color represents and honors Pele, the Volcano Goddess of the Pacific Islands.

With your kit, you’ll also receive a 1/4 dram of ritual oil containing holy essences from the Pacific Islands. It’s a synergy of sweet and tropical florals, coconut, and Hawaiian Sandalwood, topped off with Tahitian Vanilla and a touch of spice. This ritual oil is suspended in organic fractionated coconut oil to ease skin sensitivity. It’s aroma honors the feminine and powerful energy of Pele.

Your magic tea light candle is dressed with the anointing oil, a dusting of fiery red glitter, cinnamon bark, and red coral.

For additional magical fun, you’ll receive a fabric lei to adorn yourself with during ritual. (colors may vary)

If you’d like to create a crystal grid to honor Pele and invoke her energy, swing over and purchase 4 Small Tumbled Obsidian to use in your ritual work.

To learn more about Pele, be sure to purchase her class here.

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 2 cm

Gold, Silver, Rainbow


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