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Peacock Ore is the stone of happiness, bringing its iridescent charm to your altar space. This showy mineral can be used for your law of attraction work. As the peacock shows off its plumage to attract a mate, so this attractive stone inspires you to work with the positive energy of the universe.

Known as the Witch’s stone of magic.

These gorgeous pieces are hefty with vibrations to work with your intuitive process, heightening your spiritual discernment. You’ll find deep magic within you as you work collaboratively with this stone. Consistency is key when working toward your dreams.

Peacock Ore is associated with the Number 9.

Each piece comes gift wrapped in an organza bag along with a white sage leaf for cleansing and a print out of this description.

These minerals are unique and no two are exactly alike. Take care not to scuff the ore’s finish. Do not wash in water, cleanse only with smudging techniques.


Measurement: appx 1.75-2 inches
MOHS: 3-3.5
Chakras: Crown
Zodiac: Capricorn
Vibrational Level: Mysterious

This listing is for 1 Peacock Ore

Comes gift wrapped with magical herbs to accompany them in transit.

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