Orange Calcite Energy Charging Slices

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These Orange Calcite Energy Charging Slices are truly intended for holding sacred space for you. You can place your fitness tracking bracelet on it, place your water bottle on it (as a coaster), or even to hold a few crystals or other sacred items for your altar. Its energy is all a buzz to help equip you and inspire you to do your best. Work with Orange Calcite when you need the courage to move forward with making changes to better your situation.

You can coordinate your intentional work with herbs such as citrus peels, lime leaves, and Marigold petals. The essential oils I recommend with Orange Calcite are three citrus oils; Neroli, Tangerine, and Kumquat. These are beautiful citrus aromas to work with. *Always try working with a carrier oil when you first begin working with ritual oils to help protect your skin.

Uses: Creativity, energy, acceptance

Affirmations: “I accept the things I cannot change and am motivated to transform the things I can.”


Measurement: 3-4 inches
Chakras: Sacral
Zodiac: Cancer
Vibrational Level: High
Element: Water
Herbs: Citrus Peels, Lime Leaves, Marigold petals
Essential Oils: Neroli, Tangerine, Kumquat

This listing is for 1 Orange Calcite Charging Plate.

Comes gift wrapped with magical herbs to accompany them in transit.

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