Mini Amazonite Hearts

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Amazonite, the Heart Chakra crystal for all powerful magical workings. Isn’t it appropriate to see this gem hand crafted into a heart shape? This gorgeous aqua green stone, like Labradorite, is part of the Feldspar family. In sunlight, Amazonite can sometimes be a show off, like it’s cousin stone, shimmering with silvery flashes of magical energy.

This fanciful gem can be worked with for the Throat Chakra for communication regarding matters of the heart, ease of communication, and connecting with angelic guides.

Consider this mantra:

“I graciously speak my truth and attract people of honesty and integrity.”

Work with Amazonite in your meditations to conjure wisdom from ancestors to assist you in speaking your truth with gentleness.

MOHS: 6-6.5

Zodiac: Gemini, Virgo

Chakra: Throat

This listing is for 1 Amazonite Heart.

Comes gift wrapped with magical herbs for their transit to you and a sage leaf for consecrating for your intentional work.

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