Little Black Box of Magic: Sensuality Edition

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Type of gift: Ritual Kit

This intuitively designed set is your little black box of magic for transmuting negative sexual energy, tapping into your fiery passion, and illuminating your sensual worth. Society tampers with our sexual well-being with an onslaught of degrading ideas about our sexual worthiness and it creates a convoluted war between our hearts and our desires. We don’t need to have this divide between the heart and our deepest passions. Working with this kit can support your energetic healing and cleanse out what no longer serves you.

Double Terminated Smoky Quartz

Your double terminated Smoky Quartz can be used to transmute the negative sexual energy that stagnates between your heart and root chakras. Smoky is universally known to pull out the impurities of our energy field and convert the energy into a vibration that can serve our highest good. When laying on your back, place the double terminated wand in your mid section so it can work between your chakras. Next, place the heart shaped Polychrome Jasper over the middle of your chest and the fiery sunstone between your legs. Work with these stones to create a balanced alignment within your energy.

Chakra: ROOT

Polychrome Jasper Heart

Your Polychrome Jasper heart (also called Desert Jasper) is multicolored and can work in a variety of ways with your heart chakra. It can sustain your wholeness and reunify you with Gaia’s natural vibrations.

MOHS: 6.5-7
Chakra: HEART


This particular rough Sunstone radiates with passion and flash as illuminated by the light. Holding it in between your fingers and slowly rotate it in the sunlight to see it’s valuable feldspar flash. Sunstone’s worth is found in its color, transparency, and ultimately in its quality of aventurescence. Aventurescence is the flash of the feldspar in the stone. We all have value within us and we would do well not to hide our worth under layers of matrix.

MOHS: 6-6.5
Chakra: Sacral


Ritual Oil

Your Charmed© anointing oil is a gently formulated essential oil synergy containing sacred Frankincense, Rose de Mai, and passionate Blue Lotus oil. These essential oils are properly diluted with organic fractionated coconut oil. Within the bottle is a faceted garnet chip stone, and fine glitter. Charmed© draws in healing of your sexual energy field.


The Ardor© incense blend can be burned in the beautiful seashell with just a flame (or you can use a piece of charcoal disc. Please keep shell on a heat safe surface. Your incense contains herbs known for their sexual and heart correspondences; rose petal powder, Pau d’Arco bark, copal, Kola Nut, Rose Hips, Benzoin oil, and Cacao (along with makko powder).


The tea light candle is infused with a corresponding Carnelian chip stone, essential oils, and fine glitter.

Magical blessings,

Comes with this description printed out for you.
*NOTE: Each kit’s stones vary slightly as they are from Mother Earth and not identical. Sizes are as close to identical as possible.
Test for skin sensitivity before applying anointing oil. Shake oil well before using.
Never leave burning candle or incense unattended.

Disclaimer: California Prop 65  requires entities doing business in California to provide warnings to consumers about exposures to chemicals that have been identified by the state to cause cancer, birth defects or reproductive harm. Please read our disclaimer here.

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