Little Black Box of Magic: Kinship Edition

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Type of gift: Ritual Kit

In your Kinship Kit are the tools needed to support you in your connection with kin, community, and the human condition we all share. This kit stretches beyond sisterhood or brotherhood with blood relatives. This kit is designed to assist you in all kinds of connection in this human condition we experience in this lifetime. This kit is ideal if you’re working for the betterment of your local community or funding philanthropic work in poverty stricken countries, or healing connection with family. You’re creating a legacy with your magical work and these tools are curated for that divine purpose.

Super 7 Wand
Your Super 7 Wand is the powerful force of this kit. It contains seven minerals including, amethyst, cacoxenite, goethite, lepidocrocite, quartz, rutile, and smokey quartz. It balances all chakras, supports emotional wellness, connects to the divine, the earth, and your intuition. It really is a workhorse of magic. If there’s any stone I would work with for connecting with, supporting, and assisting kin it would be Super 7.

Red Aragonite
Your Red Aragonite is a powerful grounding ally with its earth healing energy. Even Mother Earth is our kin and connecting with earth goes hand in hand with our human kinship with one another. You can harness its energy for grounding yourself to avoid emotional instability. These Red Aragonite clusters are exceptional for your kinship work as they are sibling stones, containing two clusters in one.

Rose Quartz Heart
I’ve included a Rose Quartz heart to remind you of the gentle love all kin work requires for a fully developed magical work to embody your intentions.

Ritual Oil
Your anointing oil, Kyn©, contains the energetic magica of sandalwood, narcissus, benzoin, and fennel to layer your magical work with the divine feminine. Kyn is the old Norse word for Kin.

The tealight candle is dressed with the energies of this kit to embrace your intentional work and provide the warm glow of love during your meditative work.

Your ceremonial incense blend, Kunjam©, contains healing and protection through rosemary, frankincense, and clove. Kunjam is the Old Norse word for Family.

Magical blessings,

Comes with this description printed out for you.
*NOTE: Each kit’s stones vary slightly as they are from Mother Earth and not identical. Sizes are as close to identical as possible.
Test for skin sensitivity before applying anointing oil. Shake oil well before using.
Never leave burning candle or incense unattended.

Disclaimer: California Prop 65  requires entities doing business in California to provide warnings to consumers about exposures to chemicals that have been identified by the state to cause cancer, birth defects or reproductive harm. Please read our disclaimer here.

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