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Larimar, often called the dolphin stone, corresponds to the Throat Chakra and supports communication (especially with family).  Larimar is a rare stone, as it’s only found one place in the world (in one square kilometer), The Dominican Republic. It became more widely known in 1974 when a sample was sent to the Smithsonian. Larimar is also difficult to work with for artists. It is classified as a 4.5 on the mohs and can break while being worked on with tools. Miners have to hand mine for them because heavy machinery can destroy it. The cost of Larimar makes sense when we think about it being only found in one location, what it takes to get it out of the earth, and how much of it is lost during carving.

Investing in a piece of Larimar for magical purposes is more affordable when you can select a rough piece. Though, the beautiful pieces you find in jewelry at a mineral or jewelry show can be worth every penny!

This listing is for one piece of Larimar, intuitively chosen and nestled into an organza bag with:

  • Dried Mint
  • Frankincense resin
  • A fairy sized quartz point
  • Sage Leaf for consecrating
  • size: appx 1.25-1.75 inches

Each Larimar Sachet was gently placed in an abalone shell next to a water fountain to support it’s water element energy.

Larimar Correspondences

Element: Water

Chakra: Throat

Planet: Neptune

MOHS: 4.5-5

Zodiac: Aquarius, Pisces

Magical blessings,


“Let every word that comes from your lips be birthed from the heart and wisely crafted in the mind.” -Sisterlisa


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