Kambaba Crocodile Jasper Spheres are your Portal to Freedom


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Kambaba Jasper, or Crocodile Jasper, is a material creating a lot of debate among mineralogists and new age vendors. We’ve known this stone as Kambaba Jasper for many years and it’s name has shifted to Crocodile Jasper. The debate about it’s actual mineralogy and origin is widespread. The trade show names do garner a lot of attention from new age shops and people become accustomed to these names, leaving the rest of us needing to make a decision about how to list them in our shops. As a priestess, it is my duty to be honest about crystals and minerals because our work depends on the integrity and authenticity of Mother Earth’s elements in order to be in alignment with her magick. Regardless of the name, it’s mineral composition is also creating a stir. Some mineralogists insist the jasper isn’t jasper at all, but rather a form of volcanic material. When mineralogists investigate a mineral they study it’s original location, the visual appearance, it’s crystalline structure, and numerous other factors.

While we wait for them to make their final determinations, lets look at how this mineral presents itself to us. For the sake of conversation I will continue to refer to this as Kambaba Jasper. The gorgeous elements given to us from the earth can speak to us regardless of what debate is happening among trade show vendors and mineralogists.

This material consist of green and black which can corresponds to the Heart Chakra and aligns with the intentions of protection and shielding, wellness and balance, as well as prosperity and abundance. It’s associated with the Earth and Water element. It also associates with Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio. It’s sabbat correspondence is Samhain.

When I’m working with Kambaba Jasper I’m working in deep places in my spirit. This element conjures up hidden places that are shrouded in mystery. As I work through the shroud I am reminded that though I’m unveiling vulnerable places within me, I am also protected by my own empowering boundaries. The balance is to not allow a boundary to become a prison. If we build up walls that further shut us in, and others out, then we aren’t balanced at all. We become isolated in an attempt to create protection. This kind of protection isn’t a viable defense and it actually renders us weak. Vulnerability and weakness aren’t the same, in my grimoire. The lies we tell ourselves about being weak puts us in a position to be imprisoned by our so called walls of protection. There’s no freedom or strength in that. That’s the place where we perpetuate a weakness that leads to a festering and spiritual decay. We know that all healing comes from building strength through nutrition and exercise. If we aren’t exercising our psychological wellness and giving it good soul satisfying nutrients then we remain weak and in bondage. We need to do real bondage breaking magic to see the manifestation of freedom and healing.

Vulnerability is when we can honestly look at ourselves and see with clarity. From there we can work through that vulnerability with honesty so we can begin to heal and create healthy boundaries that inspire and promote freedom and strength. This journey is inspiring to the world as millions of people struggle to find this kind of transformation. This hard work is how we build our strength and raise our power. This journey paves a pathway to success and abundant living.

Holding a Kambaba Jasper Sphere in your hands as you sit within your sacred space can be your ally as you travel through this portal between these two worlds. It’s going to be up to you to determine to book your one-way ticket to freedom.

This listing is for 1 Kambaba (Crocodile) Jasper Sphere. Comes gift wrapped with magical herbs to accompany it in transit to you.

Measures appx 2.5 inchesĀ  and weighs appx 400 grams.

I perform ritual ceremony for these spheres (prior to shipping) with sacred drumming to boost the energy of protection for your path to freedom and healing.




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