Howlite Hearts for Mind and Body Alignment

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Our society is filled with stress and many times we’re so tensed up we actually hold our breath, limiting oxygen from getting to our brain.  I bet you weren’t fully breathing when you read that and you took a deeper breath. Lets do that now before you continue to read. *deep slow breath in* ~Slowly let it out~ Try it three times and see how you feel. Our brains need oxygen so we can think better. When your brain doesn’t get enough oxygen it has trouble knowing where to send oxygen throughout the body. The brain contains billions of nerves that control thought, emotions, behavior, movement, and sensations. It’s pretty darned important that we establish a practice of deeper breathing. That’s just what we do when we meditate. Working with Howlite brings mind and body alignment.

Meditating is a practice that silences our busy brain and calms our mind and body. When we allow in more oxygen in a consistent manner we allow our bodies to heal in the best way it knows how. Howlite is my go-to choice of healing crystals to work with to help calm the mind and remind us to breathe in healthy oxygen. It serves as a powerful reminder to be conscious of what we allow in, not just for the physical brain but also what we allow in through our minds….our thinking. Everything we read and listen to programs our minds and bodies. Howlite is a crystal of neutrality and speaks to our spirits to be still. It reminds us to pause before allowing toxic information in. When we aren’t conscious of what we’re taking in we pollute our minds and bodies.

Here’s who I recommend Howlite to and why.

Those living in highly polluted cities. Keep Howlite in your car and keep the AC flow on “in car only”. You can also add a couple of drops of lemon essential oil to a cotton ball and wedge it in between the vents.

Those who have stressful work environments. Keep Howlite at your desk and set a quiet alarm to remind you to breathe. Every 30-60 minutes. When the alarm signals you, stop what you’re doing and practice deep breathing for one full minute. Take your Howlite with you at lunch and use 15 minutes of your lunch hour for a brisk walk.

Journalists, Social Media Influencers, and News Correspondents. These professions undoubtedly carry the weight of the world in their minds. Keep Howlite with you at all times and schedule a deep breathing meditation on a daily basis.

Spiritual Teachers and Counselors. You take on so much in your professions as you help clients with their struggles it can be a double whammy since you have your own to handle as well. Make sure you take time for yourselves and nourish your mind and body with a deep breathing practice and plenty of exercise. Moving the body helps to let in more oxygen.

The more you get acquainted with your Howlite crystal the more empowered you’ll become. You may even be reminded to breathe deeper any time you pass someone who you see is wearing Howlite jewelry. 😉 Do what’s good for you. You deserve this gift of a Howlite Heart.

Uses: aligns all chakras, supports healing work, mental equilibrium

Affirmations: “I’m here on this earth to be a healer.”


Measurement: appx .75- 1 inch
Chakras: All
Zodiac: Cancer, Virgo, Gemini

This listing is for 1 Howlite Heart

Comes gift wrapped with magical herbs to accompany them in transit.

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