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Harvest is a magical time of year and aromatherapy invokes a most delicious ambiance for the home and hearth. These tea light candles invite you to breathe in the sweet and spicy aromas of pumpkin, cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg. I’ve added a garnet chip stone for added grounding energy and to welcome in comfort and peace. It’s the perfect blend for our beloved sweater weather.

This is the yummy warm aroma we want to wake up to, with a sweet aura surrounding us and nourishing our souls into the season. These bountiful aromas offer their energy to our living space to invoke abundance, protection, comfort, among many other energies.

When we use aromatherapy in our gatherings we’re nourishing our family and guests. Our olfactory system processes the aromas and converts them in our minds to remind us of memories and experiences associated with those aromas. It’s crucial that we protect that nostalgia by making these aromatic essences a regular part of our seasonal practices and imbue our magick into our festivities. Facilitating positive experiences for our family and guests is part of that magick and as such we influence others with our inspiration and creativity. Family gatherings can be sensitive as we bring together people with a variety of beliefs, but we can harmonize the energies through aromatherapy and ritual.

A client of mine purchased these candles and placed them on her diving room table. Before her guests arrived, she blessed the space and called to Spirit for peace and harmony for her gathering. During the feast her guests remarked at how wonderful the candles smelled and she had the opportunity to talk about the benefits of the elements contained in these aromatic treasures. While she explained the belief about protection from pumpkins they had some humorous discussions about Jack O’ Lanterns and their historical significance to ward off pesky neighbors. Everyone had a tale to tell about a neighbor they had once had an unfortunate encounter with. This eased everyone’s tension about their own gathering and were able to laugh about those stories, taking the spot light off their differences.

When she told them about the prosperity of cinnamon and the spicy-sweet bark it opened the conversation to their work success stories from the year. They celebrated as each guest told about how they had grown in their businesses and that conversation led to discussing the children’s’ charities they wished to support over the holidays.

I have numerous clients and customers with similar stories about how aromatherapy influenced their holidays for good. A wise host or hostess will know how to guide conversations toward positivity and generate optimum energy.

The magical ingredients each have their own energy and correspondences as seen below:

Pumpkin– wards off evil spirits

Cinnamon– abundance, prosperity

Clove– protection, purification

Nutmeg– comfort, calming

Garnet– protection, grounding, comfort

Holidays and Celebrations- Mabon, Samhain, Halloween, Autumn

This listing is for one set of 4 tea light candles.

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