Goddess Mysteries- Santa Muerte (Mictēcacihuātl) Kit

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Behold, the ancient Goddess of Mexico! In modern day she is known as Santa Muerta. However, her ancient and sacred name is known as Mictēcacihuātl! Virtually travel to Mexico in our Goddess Mysteries class to learn more about her adventures in the underworld and how she cares for the loved ones who have departed our physical realm. She is the Goddess of Dia de los Muertas and she is celebrated during the month of October.

You can purchase the Santa Muerte Class here.

In this kit:

1- Carnelian

1- Jet

1- Anointing Oil blend (Lime, Rose de Mai, Cinnamon, FCO)

1- Hand crafted loose incense (Marigold petals, Cinnamon bark, Copal resin)

1- Anointed black tealight candle

(Blue Tiger’s Eye Skull is NOT included in this kit. However, it can be purchased here.)

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