Earth as Medicine

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Earth as Medicine course covers essential oils and herbs, along with their history and safe uses.

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In this class I introduce you to the world of herbs and essential oils along with their spiritual correspondences and how to incorporate them into your intuitive practice. I’ve been trained as an aromatherapist and have worked with herbs for about 24 years. My family has a long tradition of working with natural home remedies to support our overall well-being.

Earth as Medicine is not a course to use as a substitute for medical care. It is designed to be an informational source to be incorporated into your intuitive practice for over-all support for personal well-being. We hear metaphorical use of the terms “good medicine” as in, “Laughter is good medicine” or “a cheerful heart is good medicine”. The Earth is good medicine. She has everything we need for fulfillment in our lives.

The online community is rife with unsafe usage of essential oils and herbs and my passion is to impart wisdom for safe uses for your practical magic.


  • One class per month for 12 months

Investment Cost and Time:

  • $20 per month
  • Each class is appx 60-90 minutes
  • Your personal invested time may range from an additional 30-60 minutes per month, giving you appx 54 hours of education time in the 12 months.

Course includes:

  • Virtual Class videos avg 60-90 mins each
  • Study of 36 herbs
  • Study of 40 essential oils
  • Scientific names
  • Natural Origins
  • Spiritual Correspondences
  • Application safety
  • Safe Uses and Methods
  • Blending, Storage, and Basic Perfumery
  • Recipes for body products
  • Carrier products
  • Magical uses
  • Folklore, Myth, and Facts
  • Safe Spiritual Journey uses
  • Access to secret Facebook community group for support, Q&A, live bonus sessions, and submitting of projects
  • Certificate of Completion
  • 10% off all listings in my shop
  • 12% off class tools

Note: Not all tools will be available in my shop and you may purchase tools from any source you choose. I do not require you to choose from any particular company.

This course is not subjected to any governing body and therefore not to be used as CE units for any medical reasons.

This course has not been evaluated by the FDA.


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