Double Terminated Quartz Wands

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I believe every magical practitioner and crystal healer should have a quality double terminated quartz wand in their tool kits. These quartz wands have a brilliance to their energy and clear for body scanning for unwanted energy.

Quartz is known for amplifying energy, making intentions clear, developing clarity for psychic work, and for connecting with higher archangels for guidance. Did you know that clear quartz also behaves well in place of any other crystal you don’t have? If you need to work with a double terminated rose quartz, you can use a double terminated quartz. This truth applies to any other crystal you need to work with.

These wands measure approximately 2.75 inches long and approxiamtely 1.25 inch wide (at its widest end).

Clear Quartz is associated with all Chakras and all Zodiac signs.

Its hardness measures at 7, but always use care when handling crystals.

Store in a safe place away from other items that could harm the points.

This listing is for 1 Double Terminated Clear Quartz Wand.

Comes gift wrapped with magical herbs for its transit home to you and a sage leaf for consecrating for your ceremonial purposes.

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