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Citrine is the Master Crystal for Abundance and in sphere form this mighty usher attracts and sends that energy in all directions. If you are looking for an abundance crystal to support your attraction and amplifying magic for abundance, then a Citrine Sphere is here to work with you.

This sparkling beam of golden light is the precise tool to keep on your desk for business. Likewise, it can be placed on your altar for your abundance work.

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) rightly informs the public that natural Citrine is rare and most Citrine on the market is heat treated Amethyst. Crystal purists know the importance of working with natural Citrine for Abundance energy.

I’ve had the enjoyment of speaking with some Alumni from GIA and they have explained that all crystals undergo some sort of heat at some point in their journey out of the Earth. Whether it’s through the mining process or under the craftmanship of the artist who creates the spheres, generators, or jewelry. Though it’s not the same kind of heat treatment given to an Amethyst geode, each natural piece does sustain some sort of heat.

When it comes to heat, that’s the kind of fiery influence I would hope to find when working with Citrine. Give me some crystal sunshine! These spheres are sparkly at almost every angle. You can even scry through them when seeking some prophetic information about your future.

Each Citrine Sphere measures approximately 1 inch and has been anointed with a proprietary cleansing blend of natural essential oils. They were individually placed into organza bags along with a sunflower petal and sage leaf for your consecrating ritual. Each Citrine Sachet was created under the Summer Solstice Sun on the coast of Southern California. Our sunshine here holds a gentle heat that is perfectly cooled for enjoyment by the ocean mist. Of all the crystals in the world, these Citrine Spheres embody this gentle sunshine more than any other I’ve worked with.

Uses: Success, prosperity, happiness, joy, imagination, manifestation.

Affirmation: “Success increases my freedom in life.”


  • Measurement: appx 1 inch
  • MOHS: 7
  • Chakras: Sacral, Solar Plexus
  • Zodiac: Gemini, Aries, Leo
  • Vibrational Level: High

Each sachet contains 1 Citrine Sphere and magical herbs.

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