Cinnamon Forest Yule Candles

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Cinnamon Forest Candles presents its aromatic blessings to your home this Yule season. Cinnamon is widely know for offering warmth and the feeling of home. However, Cinnamon is also known for bringing prosperity and protection. These candles have been adorned with crushed cinnamon bark and a dusting of winter fairy sprinkles to add a magical glimmer to your festivities.

Cinnamon is the inner bark of the Cinnamomum tree species. The inner bark is the most sought after and reminds us to go within to find our warmth. It’s history includes the belief that Cinnamon was a fine gift for any deity or royalty. Its aromatic pleasures could be smelled up to eight leagues out to sea, from the Orient.

The oil of the cinnamon bark can be quite potent to the point of causing skin irritation. However, in proper dilution it can be used in some aromatherapy products.

This listing is for one package of 4 candles and a printed Yule blessing.
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