Carnelian Hearts to Energize Your Love Life

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Carnelian holds powerful energy dating as far back as ancient Egypt and believed to be magic armor for life after death (a custom described in the Egyptian Book of the Dead). This gemmy orange crystal is associated with fire and energy believed to bring renewal of vitality. Carnelian can be found in Brazil, Uruguay, India, the United States, South Africa, and Australia. This crystal is a form of quartz from the chalcedony family and it’s orange hue comes from deposits of iron, which makes it one really powerful crystal to work with for passion.  The hues of orange can range from very light to dark red and may contain lines and variations of patterns.

This stunning fiery gem is one of my favorite crystals to work with when I’m working with grids to manifest energy, creativity, and vitality. It’s known to inspire motivation and stamina for your daily goals, especially for your workout routine. Carnelian was worn around the necks of ancient warriors as amulets of protection and for building courage.

Carnelian is commonly associated with The Empress card of the Tarot for passion and creativity. It’s correspondence to Ostara is to bring motivation, focus, and stimulation. Ostara is observed and honored during The Spring equinox and opens us up for the passion of fire as the Sun brings us more day light hours and warmer weather. It’s the season of fertility when sensuality is celebrated.

Working with Carnelian in the form of a heart inspires creativity and energy in the areas you have passion for. It can be worked with as a talisman to keep your commitment to a loved one when you’re apart for long periods of time. It can boost your desires for fidelity and loyalty and may even deepen your passion for one another. Keep in your pocket during the day and place next to your bed at night for increased affection.

Uses: Energy, passion, motivation, endurance, leadership, courage.

Affirmations: “I am courageous and steadfast. I’m holding my energy and focused in achieving my goals.”


  • Measurement: appx 1 inch
  • MOHS: 7
  • Chakras: Sacral
  • Zodiac: Taurus, Leo, Cancer, Scorpio
  • Vibrational Level: Deep

This listing is for 1  Carnelian heart

Comes gift wrapped with magical herbs to accompany them in transit.

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