Brazilian Bahia Blue Quartz


Brazilian Bahia Blue Quartz for deep meditation in an exotic getaway.

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Brazil, one of the most popular travel destinations in the world, is home to one of the best mines for this sky blue quartz. Sourced from the Bahia region, in their Macaúbas Mountains, Bahia Blue Quartz comes to us with the playful relaxed energy of their exotic destination. This metamorphic party of calcite, dumortierite, and quartz sparkle with delight as its energy beckons us into deep meditation to find healing from the stress of our world. Envision the stellar blue waters of Bahia and slip your bare feet into the warm sparkly sand. The tropical fantasy is yours to experience. Whenever I travel to a dreamy destination I invest in a crystal to adorn my home with the memories I experienced. When we decorate our homes with these priceless treasures we’re surrounding ourselves with the experiences wrapped in those memories. Make Bahia your daily meditation destination with Brazilian Bahia Blue Quartz and the energy you experience will permeate your living space. Allow the Universe to communicate with your higher self and guide you to places of refreshment. The world can be chaotic, but you deserve this meditative getaway.

Bahia is also home to the ancient and wise Great Mother, whose imagery was blended with Yemayá and the traditions of the Yoruban people who arrived there through slavery. Every year Brazilians gather at the beach, dressed in white, to celebrate this Goddess of the Sea. She nurtures and protects children and mothers, sea life, and is the lunar inspirations of dreams and visions. This wise Goddess’ origin is from Africa and her image is known to be an ebony mother with outstretched hands to receive those in need of nurturing and protection. As guests inquire about this sea magic treasure in your home, please share with them of her ancient wisdom and her divine ways among humans today. Keeping the Goddess alive brings honor to those whose lives were disrupted by the slave market. We can support our Black brothers and sisters by honoring their ancestral traditions by speaking truth about the origins of their great and wonderful mysteries.

These points measures appx 2-3 inches and are polished through the point but raw along the sides, exposing the crystalline sparkles. Each of these treasures come gift wrapped with meditative herbs to accompany them in transit to their new home.

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