Blue Calcite Hearts to Call Forth the Angels


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Blue calcite hearts have a special place in my own, because they were among the first crystals I had in my shop when I first launched years ago and they sold out FAST. I legit haven’t seen them like this SINCE then and I’ve been to numerous shows and shops.  These heavenly soft blue calcite hearts have such an angelic vibration to soothe your spirit with gentle energy. If you have the gift of clairolfactory then you may catch a hint of a soft powdery blue angel wing brushing across your senses. Their frequency seems to carry me off to the heavens on puffy white clouds in a soft warm sunlight glow. Call forth the angels to support you in your journey!

These bright and welcoming hearts playfully measure at appx 3 inches.

Comes gift wrapped with a sage leaf for consecrating for your ritual needs.




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