Blood Magic Petrified Wood Palm Stones


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When petrified wood crystallizes in blood red hues they take on an significant energy to teach us hidden wisdom of our ancestors. Trees are a holy creation and contain a magic unlike any other. Blood magic is the most powerful and profound yet, Hollywood has tainted it with superstition and horror. Even the Bible contains the most recognized and accepted of all blood magic stories we’ve ever been told. Those stories have been told in media, art, and literature over numerous generations.

In the story of Moses, the people used a hand crafted brush (like a small whisk broom) to anoint their door posts with the blood of a lamb to protect them from the death angel. This was a foretelling of the blood that would spill on a humble, yet sacred tree, to save humanity from their sins. Aaron, an ancient priest, was divinely chosen to sprinkle blood on the mercy seat in their holy tabernacle to represent the blood-paid mercy for generations to come. In ancient stories we learn that a goat’s horn was anointed with blood as a release for the people stained with guilt. This is where we get the term “scape goat”. While critics scoff at the idea of blood magic, it’s actually been a key practice throughout biblical times and remains a consistent part of widely accepted storytelling in churches today.

We know of the sacred tree used to hang the crucified Christ and his blood was given in the most famous story ever told. If that tree could speak today! Our planet’s trees still speak to us today of ancient wisdom, great stories, and folklore to teach important lessons to our generations to come. Forests tell of things they witness.  The wind whispers secrets through their leaves and branches creek as they stretch to make room for understanding. The tallest trees see far beyond what we can even hope to envision. As trees retired to the earth and minerals permeated their bark with druzy crystalline inclusions, they locked their wisdom away in their petrified fibers.

Blood magic is ancient and wise, but in reality not needed in a literal way in today’s era. (However, some may disagree with that.) Blood red petrified wood has its own stories to tell and we can work with their power to manifest life changing magic worthy of telling our loved ones for many years to come. The colors we see in petrified wood are from iron, copper, and manganese. These minerals are prominent in our own blood. Without blood there is no life.

Red petrified wood speaks to that life giving blood and the rich metaphors we can glean from for spiritual wisdom and powerful magic.

These red petrified wood palm stones offer their energy to ground you, root you in wisdom, and transform your dreams into a reality. Work with these treasures to bring life to your own practice and ritual work. Other uses include protection, shielding, and corresponds to the Crown and Root Chakra.

This listing is for 1 polished red petrified wood palm stone. Measures appx 1.5-2 inches. All petrified wood in my shop is bathed in drumming ritual ceremony prior to shipping.

Your treasure comes gift wrapped with my hand crafted proprietary blend loose incense to consecrate your collection for ritual.




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