Black Obsidian Shadow Work Portals for Transformative Healing


Black Obsidian Shadow Work Portals for transformative healing to guide us through difficult memories and find hope for the journey.

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Obsidian is a glassy material formed in rapid cooling after the turmoil of volcanic activity which can memorialize what has passed and guide us into what’s new. Obsidian spheres can be worked with for your sacred shadow scrying practice. The sleek black sphere invites us through its portal, to catechize us in the divining craft of shadow work. Your exploration begins with nightfall, witnessing shadows growing taller and darker until they envelope the sky with its presence. Each moment’s fading of light reveals things we fail notice in full sunlight, because the dimming highlights the glimmer of lights twinkling on edges of metal park benches, stained glass windows, and even dancing in the eyes of cats prowling for their night time snacks. Every surface the shadow touches takes us to places of wonderment, fright, and terror. Shadows looming over lampposts making gateways for monsters to emerge and stalk us with hot moist breath as we struggle to find a safe place to drift off to sleep.
The halls of this portal are hanged with the images of these sisters, Light and Darkness. They dance together in the corridors and invite us to the ballet of characters, setting the stage for the plot, an exposés of conflict, and a demonstration of triumphant resolution. Shadows wouldn’t be if it were not for these two sisters.
The sun is our prominent source of natural light with a few natural creatures that glow in the dark, like lightning beetles just after summertime dusk as their flickering luminescent abdomens mimic the moonbeams dancing on the gentle river streams. Their night time light show synchronizes together in unison to teach us we’re not alone in the dark. Their luciferin mating ritual beckons new partners in the nighttime veil. Much like this luminescent celebration of reproduction, our obscurities mingle with light to guide us to dens of curiosities. How would we have ever been curious about the galaxies if it were not for midnight? The earth obscures the sunlight to reveal it’s beautiful reflection on the moon and illuminates the stars in the heavens. These shimmering luminaries guiding us to the answers for life.

Our psychic shields lower, in our tiresome states, and in those weary places we reflect on whether we have the strength to shelter ourselves in repose. Rest, we must. Our waking hours would be hindered if we could not find tranquility in slumber’s prose. Our pathway through the shadows require our soul’s rest in order to usher in a new dawn.

As the umbrage grows,  we’re enlightened to define the mysterious shapes whose undead carcasses haunt us from their graves. Whispers of childhood memoirs composed in the recesses of our minds begin shapeshifting into embodiments of entombed emotions we thought had been cremated long ago.

Pain approaches in slithering anticipation, accompanied by paralyzing dread. We recognize its madness as an adversary attempting to seduce us, further spiraling us to greater depths of isolation.

Our instinct for survival cues us to reach for twilight, because shadows can’t survive without the sisters harmonizing duet.

This meditative ritual is not meant for absolute extinction, but rather for contemplation. If we allow ourselves to plummet into oblivion we fail the apprenticeship of shadow work. We must not settle for ending the narrative just yet.

You see, in the blinding light of day we fail to see the details that tell the greater stories of our experiences. It is not the shadow that conceals us from the truth, it’s the deception of light that damages our ability to see clearly. Shadows simply, and effectively, reveal a smooth path to metamorphosis where we blossom into the beauty of a deep red rose with all its aromatic medicine. The shadows, our salve and  sedative to ease our transition, reveal the true full embodiment of our story that can heal us. Our chronicles, as written in first person, don’t always portray the bigger picture. When the sisters of light and darkness mingle in shadow’s concert we experience and witness an opera of storytelling that invokes a wider range of emotional wisdom giving birth to insight and recognition of the greatest non-fictions ever told. These are the Great Halls of heroes where we’re enchanted by the depth and richness of the journey.

This choreography of elements is our memorial to honor every detail of the journey. We acknowledge the reality of our pain as we enshrine it in mortuaries of marble, give testimony to the joys of the past as we lay our dead to rest in ivory satin lined coffins of mahogany, and hold sacred space for the grieving we experience in the transition. But our end is not a mere penny dreadful. It’s the birth place to the hopes of our sequels where the saga becomes rich with depth, compassion, and understanding. As we prepare for returning through obsidian portals we anticipate the future and we imagine how we can creatively influence character development to make our lives healthier and more vibrant.

Make your healing investment today with a Black Obsidian Shadow Work Sphere.
Measuring appx 3 inches and appx 2 pounds, has a silver sheen and will arrive gift wrapped with sacred herbs and resins for your ritual.
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