Hi, I’m Jess

Hello to you. Whomever is reading this, where ever you are in the world. I see you and I thank you for reading this little bio about me.  I grew up in a very strictly religious community and school system associated with Christainity. My family was very loving and kind to the people in our community who did not attend the same church and those who did not even practice the same religious belief system that we did. We participated fully in a recovery home for men and women who fell into drugs and alcohol. We worked closely with their families to offer support, time, food, and housing as much as we could. We poured our Christ-taught love into our community through programs like Toys for Tots and an outreach called Coats for Kids which helped to warm the less fortunate families of our county. We also frequently helped in local soup kitchens and half way houses.

My mother and I worked with the deaf community through our church. Aiding them through translation, transportation, food and love. We believed then and now that the Christian Christ meant for us to show his love on others no matter what our differences. The church we attended did not believe the same. The church my siblings and I grew up in, the church we thought was full of Christ-like love so often turned their backs on the outreaches and the homeless of our town. They ostracized and socially shunned us for associating ourselves with those they viewed as ‘less than them’. For this reason and for the emotional turmoil we suffered at the hands of our congregation we left organized religion and began expanding our world views.

My mother began homeschooling me and my siblings when I was in ninth grade. We pulled away from the church and dived into the library, other belief systems, and our personal faith in universal love. We discovered just what we had been missing all that time. The balance between the God and the Goddess. The church’s view on women in organized religion was less than equal to put it mildly. Women were told to be silent, obedient, homemakers. We were not supposed to watch the news or speak to anyone who didn’t attend an ‘approved’ church through our sect of Christianity. A very strict set of clothing rules were thrust upon us and we were not supposed to ask questions to anyone in a position of power in the church. We could only ask our husband or father and they were supposed to give us an answer that they deemed fitting.
We began attending a local pagan group in our town. We learned from their beliefs and we actively participated in the solstices and High Days. We went on camping trips and nature hikes. We participated in crafts and we joined a native planting group to help reforest our town. I did my first guided meditation and I cried through the whole experience because I felt so loved. We learned new songs about other spirit guides and about the goddess. I made my first altar box, which I still have and use to this day. I was given my first crystal and I still carry it with me.
After several years of living outside of religion we moved. We moved several hundred miles away and began exploring other belief systems in our new town. I found freedom in talking to other people and attending classes and lectures about the universal energy that humans share. I found that it made so much sense to me and I could feel in my soul that I was on the right path after so many years of ‘lost gps signals’ and ‘confusing road maps’ of religion. I started seriously participating in Wicca as a solitary in my own home. I consecrated altar items and dedicated myself to a patron god and goddess. I blessed my home and carved candles with sigils of protection and wisdom. I began studying the ins and outs of spell-work and the how-tos of tarot, runes, palm reading, and pendulum work. Then I watched a video with a prominent Wiccan leader. In the video she says that if you want to be admitted into Wicca you have to choose an ‘ism’. She condemned ‘floating’ in and out of spiritualism and insisted one needed to pick one and dedicate ourselves to it wholeheartedly with no room for error or learning from other religions. This was it. The one true way. Oh, how that sounded familiar! I stopped immediately.
I had once again fallen into those same grooves of an organized religion! I swore I would never get sucked into that again. And began studying other beliefs once more. I found that so many belief systems had so much in common! Love, mutual respect for the planet, healthy living and an open mindset. Then I worked for two years and received a Masters in Holistic Medicine from a Natural Healing College. It was unaccredited, but that was okay because I just wanted to learn. Then I worked for 2 more years and graduated with Honors and on the President’s list from The Art Institute with a Baking and Pastry diploma. I was working hard and learning a lot. I found that I had true joy when I was making healthy desserts and helping people who needed it. I still have a dream of opening a healthy ‘medicine’ dessert shop one day.
Then I met someone. After so many failed attempts at relationships and a few broken hearts I met this man in the same class as me in college. He was very respectful and kind. We attended the same class for several months before he asked me out. It was a fast moving infatuation that blossomed into love. I truly believe he is my twin flame. It feels as if we’ve known each other for centuries and we both have ‘flash back’ moments where we swear we had danced before and know what the other was going to say because we were going to say the same thing too. We dated for 8 months and then he very suddenly had to move. Three thousand miles away. His grandmother had become very ill and he needed to be with his family. We worked on a long distance relationship for almost five months before we were able to save up enough funds for me to move there with him.
Now we both live together in sunny Florida. We have been together for two years and three months. We are both still working in the food industry and we make each other laugh every day. He was raised loosely Catholic, but he doesn’t want to give himself an ‘ism’, which I totally understand. We find that learning from other religions and cultures gives us a sense of joy and universal understanding of the human condition. I light my sage and grid in the living room as he smiles on and listens as I explain what I have learned recently from whatever culture I have recently studied.
I have learned that I have a knack for oracle and tarot cards and I, like my sister, am an empath. I am an INFJ personality, which means I am an Advocate. This personality type is very rare, making up less than one percent of the population. I have an inborn sense of idealism and morality and I view helping others as my purpose in life. This ties in with my desire to help heal others through healthy food and spiritual help. I intend on using my gifts to educate, cultivate, and aid others on their spiritual and healthy journeys as much as I can. I would love to have you ‘hop in the caravan’ as I embark on yet another journey into universal spirituality.
I have intuitively developed a program that will lead us through 12 very different cultures. This program is called The Goddess Mysteries. We are beginning on July 3rd with Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of volcanoes. I am very excited to share with you my knowledge and in turn learn through the live comments what you all have learned in your own walks. Please sign up as soon as you can! Sisterlisa and I have also prepared a limited number of altar kits available for purchase through the shop on the website. Be sure to sign up for our mailing list and follow us on the Facebook page and group as well as the Instagram, Twitter, and Etsy. We update each social media outlet often with unique offers, behind the scenes pictures and videos, discount codes, and class offerings. We look forward to sharing our ever-expanding range of spiritual knowledge with you.
Blessed be!
I also serve as an oracle reader with Intuitive Home Solutions and offer Tarot Tuesday (alternating with Sisterlisa). Contact us at the page for more details.