My Story

Welcome to my little space on the net, dear friends. Please get comfortable and make yourself at home. My hope is that you’ll feel welcome here and find some inspiration and friendship as you get to know me and my story. With that being said, I invite you to pour a cup of tea or java and relax as I share my story with you.


I’ve been through so much in my life that it’s been difficult to answer the question, “What is your story?” I’ve had so many chapters in my life that I could probably better say that I’m in the pages of a series of books in my life and I think I’m on book seven, or eight, or nine. I’m not sure exactly, but I know the chapters are lengthy. I mean, I think the first book of my life was from birth through high school graduation. Then traveled through my early childbearing years and first ten years of marriage. Then into our homeschooling adventure, second decade of marriage and first business and ministry experience. In between all of that, and quite threaded through it all, was a stormy and rocky romance with religion that ended up shattered in a painful and depressing spiritual divorce.

Then through healing and rediscovering who I am at my core.

I could write all about those books of my life, in fact I already did. Though my blogs mysteriously disappeared through hacks that couldn’t be redeemed. At first, I was devastated. All that work…gone. Some of it could probably be recovered through the Way Back Machine and some of the clues are scattered as bread crumbs on my FB page, but the sandy shore and ocean waves across from my home have taught me that it’s all been released into the Great Sea for healing and renewal. So I let it go.

My next book of life became my spiritual rebirth story. I couldn’t sit down and write about it yet because it was still unfolding. I journaled privately, but couldn’t make sense of some things until after different periods of time. Then I could use hindsight to see where I came from, what I walked through, and how it made sense after. Sometimes it was more like hiking, falling, and getting scraped up along the way. A few times required some soul stitches and an occasional cast with wobbly crutches.

I read through various pantheons, historical sagas, and attended numerous classes about world religions and deities. Then I was introduced to a story so magical that my heart leaped with joy. I finally realized how everything tied together so beautiful and deeply magical. My story had finally taken a shape that I could convey it in a tangible way that made perfect sense to me. It all started with a gorgeous, cool, gemmy piece of Green Calcite. Did I know that day would be the day of rebirth for my spirit? Umm no. I had no idea!

Little did I know back then, that the Green soothing gem would offer me so much heart healing. I did have a spark of understanding that She called to me to heal the negative thoughts about myself that had been deviously weaved around my mind in fifteen years of religious programming. But She was so much more than that. She was working out a new artistic journey for me to bring together some intuitive tools to assist me.

I had spent several years studying, learning, and practicing various psychological methods of life-building, personal examination, and healing modalities. Each of the tools the Universe began putting in my path worked so beautifully together. It was pure magic.

This has been my story thus far and here we are. You, the Universe, and Me. Every part of this story, this blog, these tools I offer, are all here for you too. This work I’m called to in this life is what breathes an ever flowing stream in me and my wish and intentions are to share my ongoing journey with you and ask you…invite you, to be a part of my story.

Welcome to my journey, my life, my world. You are included.


Magical blessings,


I’ve been married since 1990 (25 years now) and have raised four children, three of which have reached adulthood. I spent eleven (so far) years home educating my children. The two oldest have gone on to pursue their dreams, one as a pastry chef in a 5 star historical resort and the other in Construction Administrative Management (pursuing her real estate license). My three daughters have all been practicing earth based spirituality and assist me in my business with Intuitive Home Solutions.

My Professional Experience:

  • Past Accredited Certification with the Breining Institute for Addiction Recovery Counseling
  • Two Years as a Director of a Women’s Home for Recovery
  • 15 years Assisting in Recovery programs
  • 20 years teaching spirituality
  • Graduate of Next Dimension University (Dr of Spiritual Healing)
  • Author of Intuitive Home Solutions
  • 10 years as an Interfaith Minister
  • Spiritual Healing guide since 2010
  • Served as Toys for Tots organizer and representative for 2 years in Northern California
  • Owned and Managed an online spirit based magazine for teen girls for 5 years.
  • Graduate of Faith Leaders Institute at USC’s Cecil Murray Center
  • Graduate Aromatherapy with School for Aromatic Studies
  • Completion of Priestess Course with Sage Goddess
  • Completion of perfumery School

Where I’ve studied:

  • Hibiscus Moon Crystal Healing
  • New York Institute of Aromatic Studies
  • Breining Institute
  • USC
  • Next Dimension University
  • Perfume School with Karen Gilbert