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Making Magic at Home

I want to challenge you to work some magic in your bathrooms with some essential oils and crystals. It may seem like a mundane/muggle task but you can work your own unique magic with this. A few things I do to spruce up the bathrooms is to create a layer of magic with oils, herbs, and crystals.

rose quartz, rhodochrosite, amethyst, pink aura quartz, dried mini rose bud

Layering your magic among different kinds of elements adds additional energy to your magical workings. I layer magic in my candles by working with herbs/spices, oils and crystals. I love pulling all the elements together as much as possible.

Here are some simple, fun, and quick methods of adding magic to your bathrooms.

  1. I keep a small dish on the counter with a few crystals that speak to my heart about inner beauty and self kindness. Add dried floral petals or buds for herbal magic. Recommended crystals: rhodochrosite, rose quartz, pink aura quartz, aura rose quartz.
  2. Add a few drops of essential oil to the inner toilet paper tube before putting the roll on the dowel. Recommended: lemon, orange, or geranium
  3. Keep crystals in the corner nook of your tub so you can add them to your baths. Recommended: amethyst and rose quartz
  4. Make an aromatic spritz to use on counters and toilet tank lid after cleaning your bathroom. It helps eliminate the smell of the cleaners you use. (unless you’re using a hand made essential oil mixture to clean with). Recommended: lemon with rosemary (In a small spray bottle add witch hazel and your essential oils. Shake well before each use)

Which tip will you implement today?
Do you have other crystal or essential oil recommendations?

Magical blessings,


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