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Magical Vocabulum- Tasseography


The only magical thing I know of my grandmother, on my father’s side, was that she read tea leaves. I wish I could’ve had the chance to be inquisitive about her spiritual beliefs, but it wasn’t a thought on my mind at the time. Oh, if we could turn back time! Needless to say, my knowledge of reading tea leaves had to come through research, practice, and meditation. One of the beautiful things about intuitive arts is the liberality of your own creative style.

Tasseography: to gain divine insight by discerning tea leaves. In Middle Eastern Traditions, coffee grounds are read for divine guidance. Did you know you could also read sediment left behind by wine? Just another good reason to pour a glass.

There are psychological aspects to reading tea leaves, similar to that of inkblot readings by your psychologist. It all started with Swiss Freudian Psychiatrist, Hermann Rorschach. It’s been a method of examining a person’s personality characteristics and emotional wellbeing. The methods between the psychological reading of inkblots and the metaphysical have similarities, but also some distinctive differences.

A psychologist may dissect what you see in the inkblot as a method of investigating what has already taken place in you. Whereas a tea leaf reader may look into your future with what’s left in your tea cup. Both methods can be equally helpful for our overall wellness.

Tasseography is widely known of in the Gypsy community, but people from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds can be a talented tea leaf readers. Intuitive Art is a craft that any artist can tap into and develop their skills in a way that’s productive for them. I don’t buy into the idea that any particular region has the corner market on spiritual skills and talents, though I do recognize and honor the depth each holds in their heritage. If you’re feeling called to deepen your soul with tasseography, start with the Gypsy community and see where they take you.

There are graphics online that show symbolism and shapes to guide you in interpreting the images you see in the bottom of the cup, but also consider writing your own key based on what your intuition teaches you.

Did you know you can use specific herbs to enhance your tea leaf readings? You can learn more about herbal magic in my class “Intuitive Practitioner”. In this class, we journey together in developing a personal intuitive practice to not only benefit ourselves, but everyone else we are mentoring and guiding.

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