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Magical Vocabulum- Scrying

Scrying simply means, ‘to discern’. This comes quite naturally for a lot of people, though they may not know this is what it’s called. Do you see distinct shapes in the clouds? In the leaves of trees? In the sea foam as it embraces the sand? How about in the swirling of color in floor tiles? It’s called scrying and you can learn a lot about yourself if you meditate on what you’re seeing.

What do you see most often? Faces, animals, shapes?

You can scry into the smoke of the incense in the image above by softening your eyes, relaxing your focus and opening your mind. The shapes you see could reveal some inner work that needs to be addressed or could inspire your creative side as you conspire with the Universe to shape your future.

You’ve seen scrying practiced before in childhood tales. Do you recall the famous words, “Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” The evil queen from the story of the princess friend to seven dwarves, gazes confidently into the mirror as she asks for her truth to be told. Then the day finally came when the mirror no longer spoke her truth, but rather the truth of another. The magic mirror voiced there was one fairer than she, but not only was the princess fair in physical beauty, but more importantly she was a beauty in the heart. This is the risk we take when asking for truth to be told. We’re not always going to hear what we want to hear. This work we do in the world is first about healing ourselves. If we hide from the truth then we weaken ourselves as light workers.

Scrying can be done in numerous ways, but the most common are in mirrors and water. Other methods are in flames of a fire or candle, waterfalls, black onyx or black obsidian plates, steam over hot water, and crystal balls.

You can learn more in my class “Magical Tools”. In this class, we study various tools, their origin in magic, and how to use them in your modern day practice.

In what ways have you practiced scrying?

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